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How I Learned to Wear a Dress (HILWD) began life as a lighthearted look at one woman’s reflection on the frivolous and frillier days of girlhood in an attempt to figure out  when, where, and why she traded it all in for jeans and a contempt for high heels. It didn’t take long to see how intentionally “reclaiming femininity” simply served to highlight the absurd idea that femininity could be defined at all. What we wear—dress or jeans, pink or blue—is irrelevant. Being a woman does not come with a set of rubrics that, if not met, leads to a revocation of one’s gender identity.

HILWD refined its purpose in 2012 and directed its efforts to learning more about how girls, women, and yes, even men, balance out who they are with what society expects of them.

HILWD has a decidedly feminist slant but it is not anti-pink or militantly against all things girly. HILWD is not attempting to limit or define women. Instead HILWD encourages all women (and men) to define their own lives, set their own parameters, and push their own boundaries. HILWD hopes you ask questions, get involved, and stop giving a damn about whether or not you meet someone else’s idea of beauty, strength, and empowerment.

How I Learned to Wear a Dress
~where feminism meets real life (and heels are totally optional)~



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